Some help please !! about comment of reviewer

Hello everyone,
i got a soft rejected and reviewer gave me 10 points to correct them
from those points there are two that i didn’t understand them well :

  1. Please include the third party or premium plugins in the download or install via TGM PA as pre-packaged. Eg: Visual Composer, Revolution Slider etc.

===> i have all plugins used in my theme in TGM PA as pre-packaged i don’t use revolution slider !! so i don’t understand why the reviewer told me this point because my TGM PA is correct !! can you explain me please !

  1. Please resolve all warning and required messages output by the Theme Check plugin,

===> i have just one warning in theme-check :
Warning: More than one text-domain is being used in this theme. This means the theme will not be compatible with language packs.
The domains found are “my-theme-name”, woocommerce.

i searched and i found that this warning is acceptable from themeforest
that’s true or not ? if no please help me to correct it because i don’t know

Thank you


The warning is not acceptable nop

thanks for ur reply bro

Use only one text-domain

Eg: Visual Composer, Revolution Slider etc. - this is example

thanks bro for your reply thanks bro for your reply
i didn’t find from where i can delete text-domain in the theme
for example woocommerce how i can delete his text-domain ?

search in folder for ‘woocommerce’ (including quotes) and you will se where text-domain is being used, and replace it with text-domain of your theme

You can delete all text domains and use grunt-wp-i18n to add them before release and generate the .pot file. Then use grunt-checktextdomain to make sure everything is in order.

thank you bro for your reply

thank you bro for your reply :slight_smile: