Some good ideas to promote items will be welcome ...

In these difficult times, ideas for preparing and working on the current and future promotion of items would be welcome from veteran authors of envato. It is certain that the impact is not currently to be sought while awaiting immediate repercussions.

So thank you for the contribution of all those who can benefit novices and beginners from their strong experiences capitalized throughout these long years of presence and success on Envato Market.

Thank you in advance to all.

hi i unfortunately do not think that u can do anything special to promote in such a context … of course, u can use the usual tools to promote but in any case, until the situation improves for the global economy, i doubt that u can really have something “turning the tables”

Thank you for your answer, it is certain that due to the stop that the economy is currently experiencing stagnant things.

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yeah unfortunately , for this part , i believe that there is nothing that u can really do … but , in a general way, i would recommend u to advertise your items as much as can possibly do , this is not an option anymore, if u want to have a chance to sell nowadays , u have to get this job done … it does not really matter which way u are using, even if some may be a bit more efficient than some others , but taking time to promote your own items is INDISPENSIBLE

It is clear that even having quality items is insufficient without good marketing and advertising promotion and probably a lot of luck too in my opinion.
Thanks again for your advice.

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yes of course but the luck tat u are talking about is about search engine results lol the thing is that we all know that being in the first 1 to max 5 pages is a big deal to sell …

Absolutely SEO is the key to a good advertising process, but it also requires a budgetary investment to finance sponsorship and time also has an impact on SEO, you have to wait a long time so that the search engines can index it the information.