Some challenges with the Melani Template

Acquire the Melani template, and I have had many problems, the information module of registered users and the monitoring of social networks does not work, with other templates if you have it and it is not right, so the error is of the template, it I tried to contact the developer several times through a support and they did not give me any help, and at the same time I contacted him for a megamenu problem and he also did not solve it.

Hey @redes, I’m tagging the author @Plaza-Themes into this thread.

Hopefully they can help you.

You are also welcome to contact Envato Support for a ruling if you aren’t receiving support that’s specified in the Item Support Policy.

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Hello, did you ever get help? I also bought a theme from @Plaza-Themes and having difficulties with assistance or simple response to a question.

Hi @Fmatiza

With all due respect, as I already replied in the other closed topic, please open a ticket here: (at the bottom of page, where it says “Submit your request”.

Only Envato Support can help with authors who do not follow the Item Support Policy.