[SOLVED] What Are the Best Stock Tropical House Tracks on AudioJungle?

1 - Great Triocal house from one of my favorite autor on AJ. Realy great atmosphere of summer, travel and beach parties!

2 - This is my summer music with tropical vib, positive mood and uplifting rythm Can make any video really sunny.

3 - Atmosphere of party and some chilling by Stereonuts.

4 - Very catchy sound by Nargo music. Under this music you can imagine yourself drinking a cocktail in some cafe on the ocean shore.

5 - Great sound by PaulBacker. This music will make you dance!


As for me, the most catchy and smooth house tracks with airy tropical vibe are:
1.Tropical Summer by @PolygraphMusic

It has a very nice chilling summer vibe

Tropical by @LuxuryInc

Classical Tropical House track with elegant light melody

The Fashion Summer Pop Party by @Infraction

Electric Guitar brings this tropical house tune some “evening on the beaach” vibe. I really like it!

Tropical House by @TopTune

Something similar to Major Lazer! very elegant and gentle!

Happy Party 2 by @Alex_MakeMusic

because of it’s pitched vocal backgrounds and catchy lead sound!

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Hello to All :slight_smile:
This my nominations:

1 by @LumenMedia

Very beautiful, gentle and inspirational summer tune with bright atmosphere and positive mood. Cool relaxed tropical house pop track. Good for billions summer videos! :slight_smile:

2 by @OnTheTune

When you listen this track, you body want dance and jump. Very atmospherical and optimistic tropical visualisation come in your head. Beautiful, bright and very nice tune!

3 by @StereoNuts

Different summer associations with this music, such as morning party on the beach, sunset, beautiful girl, perfect life and many more summer pictures. Bright, gentle, some relax, very inspirational, catchy and breathtaking Tropical House track! :slight_smile:

When the warm evening sun on the ocean coast pleases your eyes. When the sound of the surf gently whisper to you about the beautiful. Where summer never ends and where you do not want to go anywhere. Paradise, bliss, delight, life, fun, thrill …

This music is about it.

4 by @Alex_MakeMusic

Very cool tune with sounds as hit from TV. Universality and very beautiful summer Tropical House!

5 by @PaulBacker

Interesting and very atmospheric summer tune with cool using acoustic guitar and atmospherical synths. Cool, beautiful and very positive summer track!

  1. This is one of my works, this track in my opinion is the most positive, cheerful and charged with a life-long joy
  2. This track from a very talented author, with a wonderful atmosphere of tropical music
  3. This track I have added to the favorites, it has a great sound and a very pleasant melody
  4. Here I liked the soft commercial sound, pleasant melody and energy
  5. Composition in the style of a Major Laser, very atmospheric and relaxing
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  1. Cool tropical house, perfectly conveys the mood of holiday, recreation and a lot of impressions.
  2. Cool and relaxed tropical chillout background music. Close your eyes and transfer to a tropical paradise.
  3. Nice tropical dance relax music.
  4. Modern beat tropical track. Excellent holiday atmosphere.
  5. Nice energy tropical melody, good EDM sound.
  1. https://audiojungle.net/item/tropical-summer-house-party/19861928 - Starting off with my own track. It’s a very upbeat tropical house track, with a solid drop and a flute lead sound that makes you crave ice cream and beer!
  2. https://audiojungle.net/item/tropical-house/15624311?s_rank=6 - A classical tropical house track. The mix is solid, the sound design is spot on and the melodies just scream summer! A strong track indeed.
  3. https://audiojungle.net/item/tropical-house/19583768?s_rank=4 - This track has a nice vibe. The bass is light and it’s more of a downtempo track. The mids are the key to this track, they sound heavenly.
  4. https://audiojungle.net/item/tropical-house/19707510?s_rank=8 - I liked this track because it wasn’t too ‘out there’ as opposed to many other songs. It’s mellow in an upbeat way, and sounds good.
  5. https://audiojungle.net/item/uplifting-tropical-house/19898172?s_rank=12 - This track has everything, the cool guitar, the beat, the piano, the pluck lead. What more can you ask for?
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It’s a upbeat tropical house track, with modern summer house tune with tropical flutes, leads, synth, drums, percussion.

Groovy rhythm, tropical upbeat tune with bright atmosphere and positive mood.

Classical Tropical House track with elegant light melody

Great track with a positive mood and bright armosphere.

Modern, summer tropical house track with inspiring and positive mood.


@chatblanc @SnowMusicStudio Thank you guys for mentioning my track!)
Here are my picks:

  1. This tropical summer track with pop beats and melodic chill vibes will send you to the sunny beach or pool party where people relax, dance and have fun. Suitable for many types of modern projects, especially for fashion, make up and beauty videos!

  2. Simple but catchy melody, trendy synths and beautiful piano make this track perfect for lots of summer videos

  1. Cool modish vocal samples and electronic drums here. Ideal for fashion shows and beauty videos.

  2. I like the energy and the sound of the track. Very cool groove and atmosphere. Really great production

  1. Amazing stylish guitars in this track. It creates cool chill vibes, while the beat keeps this track dancing.

Hi Dom, my 5 best suggested Tropical House tracks on Audiojungle.net:

  1. https://audiojungle.net/item/joyful/19731359
    Awesome for video background, also for your lounge or beach bar. From Miami to Ibiza, chill on this track. This is a Joyful and happy track. The tropical vibe in music.

  2. https://audiojungle.net/item/tropical-house/15624311
    Mix of the tropical instruments with the dance bass, synths, piano and drums will add energy and freshness to your projects.

  3. https://audiojungle.net/item/uplifting-tropical-house/19898172
    An uplifting tropical house track, featuring smooth guitar and driving bass. Use it in your Film, tv, commercials and more.

  4. https://audiojungle.net/item/summer-is-here/11401405
    With an easy earworm melody and a carefully crafted mix of synth sounds and real instruments, this track is sure to get your audience in a happy, relaxed mood.

  5. https://audiojungle.net/item/tropical-house/16539530
    Tropical House – is a trendy modern summer house tune with tropical flutes, leads, synth, drums, percussion and funny pitched voice.

ps Can anyone tell me how you get the embedded boxes (like others here), so next time I can also upload it correctly, thanks.

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Hi There! This my top 5 tropical house.

1)Tropical House by Indifferent_Guy , Optimistic mood, сatchy melody, hiqh quality production. Perfect for energetic summer video!

2)Tropical House by RED_studio . Modern tropical dance track with cool vocal chop. Perfect for travel video, holiday , relaxing and more media project! Realy cool arrangement.

3)Tropical House by monsii . Modern, possitive track with catchy melodies, clean and bright sound and summer atmoshere. Perfect for advertising, background and summer video project!

4)Tropical Summer Mood by Alexiaction . Modern tropical pop house track, with vocal chops , cathy melody and summer atmoshere! Perfect for Travel videos, advertising, summer video!

5)Tropical Summer by ModuleSound . Happy and optimistic inspirational track Tropical , Pop style. Energetic and power full mood and high qulity production! Perfet for business and travel videos, motivational presentations.

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  1. This is a thoughtful track of the night beach, in which the magic guitar plays a romantic melody. This is great for a stylish video.

  2. This is a track that is suitable for corporate video, for travel videos. It has a smooth house rhythm and an acoustic guitar that makes this track special.

  3. This is an indie pop track that has a tropical rhythm. Atmospheric wide sound gives a sense of freedom. Especially for summer videos!

  4. A special feature of this track is the cool female vocals! The sound of the marimba in this track takes me to the beach with umbrellas and palm trees. I already hold a cocktail in my hand and lie in a deckchair)))

  5. I really love disco and funk. In this track I like the guitar part, it adds a bright mood.

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Uplifting, fun, party… and a bit of 90’s house style song

Hello) Its my choice

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Very inspirational summer track with positive mood. Good for summer videos!

Great production, cool mood! I like it!!!

Robin Schulz is here :slight_smile: Cool Guitar and synths!

I really like this song. Very positive summer track!

It’s my first track in this style. I worked on it for a very long time.

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Here are some of my tropical tracks. Enjoy!

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Atmospheric track. Sounds of the beach, nature and summer mood.

Relaxing mood. Interesting, unusual lead.

Interesting sounds.

Rich track. Сool!

It’s fashionable. Stylishly.

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Its Summer Time!!!

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https://audiojungle.net/item/summer-tropical-party/19512564 - Positive and optimistic with energy and some emotional mood! Perfect for clubs, dance, summer parties, beaches, holidays! :slight_smile: :sunny: :palm_tree:

https://audiojungle.net/item/the-tropical/19890427?s_rank=11 - Very quality emotional music, beautiful melody! :palm_tree: :sunny:

https://audiojungle.net/item/tropical/19265518?s_rank=25 - Just WOW!)) This guitar, this melody!) Just listen and relax! Light and positive! Nice) :palm_tree: :sunny:

https://audiojungle.net/item/tropical/19368170?s_rank=38 - I think great idea and arrangement! Summer and tropical atmosphere) :palm_tree: :sunny:

https://audiojungle.net/item/tropical-house/19707510?s_rank=87 - Very atmospheric, rhythmic! Nice melody! :palm_tree: :sunny:

Thank you, DomHennequin!
Good luck all! Happy summer days)

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My choice:)
Summer Tropical by @OnTheTune https://audiojungle.net/item/tropical-travel/19264336
cool and positive track, very summer mood, just like that!

Summer Tropical Pop by @LumenMedia https://audiojungle.net/item/the-tropical/19669211
Really cool crystal and a very clean sound, I liked the airiness

Tropical Beach by @StereoNuts https://audiojungle.net/item/tropical-beach/17100972
A beautiful minor harmony, quite unusual for this style

Summer Pop by @PaulBacker https://audiojungle.net/item/summer-pop/19692613
A great example of mixing different styles, pop, and tropical house - cool!

Tropical by @StudioKolomna https://audiojungle.net/item/tropical/17130712
Very atmospheric and airy track with beautiful melody