[SOLVED] Top Eurovision inspired stock music tracks

Dear Dom,

My recomendation:


Hi everyone! I think these tracks are suitable…

Hi everyone! This is my tracks!

Hey, i can suggest two ballad tracks

Have a nice day, Dom! Check these out. Thanks for listening!

Hi! These are my nominees. Great suit Eurovision presentation.

This Is The Revolution @benjijackson :v:

My new inspire track, thanks)

Hello Dom !
I hope you enjoy it

Thank your for attention, have a nice day ! Evienis.

Good day!
Please check this от :slight_smile:

In my opinion, it is necessary to apply non-standard thinking to this event:wink:
Maybe this unique classic theme will be helpful:

Or this rock song! (In addition, from Ukraine will participate rock group at Eurovision:+1:)

Check this tracks! Thank you!)

Hello, community!
I am glad to offer you three interesting and creative tracks.

Good luck, friends!

Hi there!

Please check out my best tracks -

Hope you like it and have a nice day!

Here’s ours:

Thank you very much!

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