[Solved] Only Frameworks from the list?


I wanted to ask whether I can use this framework in my Themes:

i searched the forum some one say yes but other says only the Frameworks from Framework list on the Submit page?

bit consfused

one say only frameworks from the list

and here other answer

thx for help :smiley:

when its not possible or something i will use Redux


Yes, you can use my framework for your themes on TF, it is fully free. Also there is no any allowed list. This answers meaning another things.

I and A lot of TF Themes using" Codestar Framework" already, There is no problem in using on TF.

Regards, Codestar

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thx should i include as Plugin or just include in my theme

You know, you can use it as plugin or include on theme. but i advise add framework in theme core :wink:

Why have dude for my? I know some check website. I love help with authors. I have good my heart.

what? i have never said

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Sorry, I don’t am fight so I need know, why your did this information? :slightly_smiling:

p.s: Sorry, my english not good.

this must be a bug in the forum here i found

Check this topic

Ok thanks :slight_smile: