[SOLVED] I installed Woozone and the associated plugins etc, my website is now blank.

Hi, I followed the guide @ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Wvkkhb3Gtc, I installed Woozone then all of the plugins it called for. My website is now blank, not even a 404.
Also my wp-admin is blank. I can’t access anything.

Some notes:
I’m hosting on IX
Woozone would not install from the zip so I manually uploaded the woozone folder to the theme’s folder.
The theme seemed to work fin after I did this.
Everything went blank after the plugins were installed.

Any more detail you need?

Oh yes… robotfightingshop.com duh to me.

IX fixed the issue at their end…

I would like to inform you that I’ve generated custom php.ini file for your domain and set PHP 5.5. Also, I have set necessary PHP settings. You may find php.ini file under /cgi-bin/ folder. Please note that in order to keep php.ini settings working 3 files should be present under your domain folder:

/cgi-bin/php55.cgi - should have 755 permissions
/.htaccess - should contain strings below:
AddHandler php55 .php
Action php55 /cgi-bin/php55.cgi

Please note that if you need the same for another domain, you can just copy the above file in cgi-bin folder of your domain.
Once copied make sure that cgi-bin/php55.cgi contains the new path and its permissions are set to 755 value.

Also, I have enabled display errors function for your domain in php.ini file and wasn’t able to see any error messages.

The site works again. YAY!

Goompa: I am very interested in purchasing your plugins - Because I like the potential functionality., but they haven’t been updated in 9 months. Help me understand.

Todd Shillington