[SOLVED] Envato Potential Bug - Elite Author Account locked because VPN?

Update: Problem was solved in less than 24 hours by Envato Support Team - Thank you so much for great job and help!

Today I logged in to Nord VPN (Sweden IP), and our Elite Author Account (4.87/5 rating) was locked after refreshing Themeforest Page (less than 1 minute after switching IP). Our product (MyHome, 4.700+ sales, “Envato Featured Item”) is no longer for sale, and we do not have access to the account ( https://themeforest.net/item/myhome-real-estate-wordpress-theme/19508653 ). It is really huge problem for us.

We already wrote a ticket to Envato Support about it, and our ticket was assigned to a “specialized team.” However, when we see information in the help center: “We’re currently experiencing a high volume of enquiries and our response time could be up to 3 days .” we are kind of worry about it.

Can anyone speed up checking this problem, please? Maybe it is some kind of “new bug,” and more authors will have a problem with it soon.

We use a VPN to login to some servers with a geolocation firewall.

Sometimes we need to login via VPN to customers servers when providing technical support for the WordPress theme we sell on Themeforest. Some of our clients use hosting that has a geographic firewall and it is the only way to help them (e.g. edit PHP files).

By mistake, I refreshed the Themeforest page when I used Nord VPN (Sweeden IP) and our Themeforest account was blocked immediately after that.

For the last 4 years, we’ve been working very hard to provide top-quality products and support for all Envato Customers. Almost everyone rates our product 5-star (4.87/5 rating) and we get ~20 new clients per week. We’ve been awarded Featured Author and Elite Author. We are working hard to bring value to the Envato Community.

We would like to ask if you could consider our problem as urgent? Because of the blocked account, we can’t sell our products so it’s a financial cost for us.

We would appreciate your help.


I wonder this was made automatically or someone from the Envato stuff did this?

I hope it will be solved soon!

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We would like to thank Envato Support for fixing the problem with our account. It was solved after 1 email, in less than 24 hours. Thank you very much for treating our problem as an urgent one and bringing back our account.

Best wishes for the Envato Support Team!