[Solved] Does Envato Market Help has a problem !!??

[Solved]: They have replied to me and they told me that were experiencing larger than normal inquiries this past week and they were working hard to clear the backlog

Envato Market Help was always so fast to assign my help request to the right team so they can assist me.

5 days ago at Wednesday at 19:05, I have sent a help request to help me with some rating issue. I have received the automated response to let me know that they have received my request and i didn’t get anything yet again since 5 days.

I think at least that someone should contact me to assign my help request to the right team within few hours from receiving the automated response as it always happens to me. But i didn’t get anything till today.

So is there a problem in Envato Market Help ? or my request may have not been sent by some kind of network mistakes ? or it’s usual ??

Thank you

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I would not worry about it. They probably assigned it without letting you know. It’s a ticket system so your ticket can’t simply get lost or left behind. :slight_smile:


Thank you. I hope that too.

Just deal with it :smiley:

Over a month ago i have raised a new ticket and reported some website which hosts a lot of TF/GR/VH items for free. And got no response, no “thank you”, no badge, no “we’ll take actions”, just nothing. It’s absolutely normal here.

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I have contacted them before nearly 8 times. The last one was 4 months ago. And they were always so fast.
I have a problem that i want them to help me in and i really can’t wait to get it solved. Thank you.

Finally, Envato Market Help have replied :smiley: :smiley:
Thank you all for helping me.