(solved) BigStream - One Page Multi-Purpose Joomla Template not working?

Error: The requested URL /home-revolution-slider1.html was not found on this server.

Self-install Quikcstart-j3 seemed to do fine, no errors or warning, but seems nothing I can do with this template and no documentation worth a dam, have I missed something.

Did a test just in case with another template xxxx very similar in functionality as a test all very clear and no irregularities.

When tested in Joomla System Information>Folder Permissions all is green, Documentation seems to be a bit light what do I do,

I sent you via email

I’m not sure if you’re looking for a paid support but you can check my service at Studio

Not really im looking for documentation of this template, other templates work fine so I must be missing something.

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OK found out what your template needs, for now, it relies on PHP mod_rewrite, it’s installed and works, possible for a list of dependencies that your template requires.

Also, the template is complaining: ERROR for site owner: Invalid domain for site key

Possible to advise.

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Also need to comment out FollowSymLinks in the .httaccess file, I will not be buying templates ever again, small but really annoying issues and support is not forthcoming except in we shall install for a fee.

Commenting out FollowSymLinks in the .httaccess file resolved the issue, I am not impressed at all with this template, I have other for 1/4 the price with documentation and frankly no oddities, really not impressed maybe time will improve things.

basic documentation will help 100%, but this is not in the developer’s interest I assume.

  1. How do I stop the ERROR for site owner: Invalid domain for site key

  2. Do I have to modify the .httaccess to make the demo of my choice default or is there another way?

Normally these things would obvious and be done within Joomla on the template side but I see nothing that points me in the right direction, I seem to be missing fundamental documentation I can’t believe we are supposed to hunt day and night for basic information.

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Sorry for the rant, I have never been so frustrated with a template before, and this is the most expensive one I have brought and its the most lacking in basic obvious to find information by far…

Kind Regards

please send your problems to contact.bluetheme@gmail.com

We will fix for you soon

just seen the email to send to, sorry deleted the comments after that.