[SOLVED] Best Music for Apple iPhone™ Review Videos

What’s the best music for an iPhone™ and iOS video review?

Apple will be unveiling the new iPhone 8 next month which will invariably result in lots of online review videos by vloggers, bloggers, and technology websites. We want you to post your music recommendations from AudioJungle for the perfect music to accompany these kind of videos. Think about (and research) existing iPhone review videos. What music works well? Why does it work well?

Some examples of iPhone review videos: 1 | 2 | 3

Example of What We’re Looking For

  • Why this music is ideal: I love how understated this track is. It’s perfect for video with narration over the top. It has subtle use of electronic instruments and synths giving a strong technological vibe, but it does so without overwhelming the listener. The serious tone and glitchy texture creates a feeling and ambience of quality, professionalism, and luxury.

How to Enter

  • Research and select ONE of your favorite pieces of music perfect for iPhone video reviews.
  • You may include an item that you created yourself in the list if you wish.
  • You MUST copy, paste, and answer each question for EACH item you post:

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  • Copy/paste the link to the item
  • Why this music is ideal: Your answer…

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  • One post per user, please, so please pick carefully and only choose/share the very best items!
  • There is no deadline, we will keep this thread active on an ongoing basis.
  • We will be preparing a blog post in the next few weeks with some of the best entries.
  • Three of our favorite entries posted by August 31 will each win a die-cut Envato sticker!


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Good luck! We’re looking forward to seeing and reading about your recommendations!


Why this music is ideal: A beautiful melody, technological style and a pleasant atmosphere.

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Why this music is ideal: I like middle tempo in this track. Technology news mood with crystal pads.

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Why this music is ideal: I think this music is ideal for IPhone review because it has modern and actual sound and uplifting mood with technological and luxury content. Electronic synths and the whole arrangement are bringing a client to a feeling of high-level product and beautiful design of it.

  • Why this music is ideal: When I created this track I made it with technology in mind. I wanted a soundtrack that made you excited about your new piece of gear destined to live on your desk or in your pocket. The melody is really clean and carries the track to it’s ultimate conclusion with a full drum kit joining in. The live drums give just the right amount of edge. It’s fun, cool and funky (as the name suggests).

It seems to me that such a combination of melody and glitches would look good for a product like Apple iPhone review videos.
Interesting competition, thanks Envato! :slight_smile:

Why this music is ideal: I love the idea of this track also i make airy mixing so i think it will be prefect!

I see this track as a background for something technological and stylish. The way a classical instrument combines with an electronic sound gives a sense of modern and immersive atmosphere; this could be the soundtrack of the message a new top notch smartphone can transmit: all the classical functions are there along with the most new tech elements for a customer to enjoy and explore.

Why this music is ideal: This is a proven best-seller with consistent weekly sales, and I believe that is because the infectious corporate tech hook captures perfectly the concept of modern progress and innovation. It feels futuristic and urgent but without being overly busy or in-your-face.

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Why this music is ideal:I like electronic sounds and glitches in this track. This music in combination with the video creates the character of the future. The sound of the string section gives this track elegance and style.

Why this music is ideal: Soft and midtempo, but confident track, i like too much the synth riff over all the song, i love the piano notes i think they are telling you that you can trust in me, got a little bit of sentimental and warm feeling but at the same time you can feel you can stay with them forever, never fail you.
And you got the bonus of three versions, even one faster!!

Have a nice day, and good luck to everyone!!

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Why this music is ideal: I like this track, and also it is ideal as a background for technology !

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Why this music is ideal: This beautiful electro house instrumental does not follow the typical corporate formula, however it manages to find a smooth blend of optimism and mellowness, and conveys a sense of progress and development.

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Why this music is ideal: And why not?) Beautiful and inspiring background music can perfectly complement the video

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Hey. Maybe this track will be interesting.

Soft, technological ambient, Has an interesting culmination.

Why this music is ideal: This track is suitable for various presentations, technological nature, as it consists of deep pads, well-formed background mood, with impregnations of technological sounds, will sound perfectly against the background of the voice of the announcer

It’s very wide and spacious driving ambient track with calm peaceful feel, easy compatible with use of narrative voice over, making it ideal for proposed project

Why this music is ideal: When I create this track I inspired by different videos and presentation of Apple Book was one of them. ))

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Why this music is ideal: I like the mood and feeling which was created by mixing guitar harmonics and ambient pluck. This melody lines creates an atmosphere of science, technology and progress, innovations and future. The same as Apple products. Deep and airy sound with lot of space - and you can listen to a dreamy technological beat, which is perfect for some innovative products.

Thank you and best regards from New Life:slight_smile: