[SOLVED]App rejected with issue "please fix bugs" but there are no bugs while i check my app?

App rejected with issue “please fix bugs” but there are no bugs while i check my app?

Still issues please double check all the java files.
My App link

I hope to share and solve the problem
No, I spent a lot of time in the application


You may test your app through some android version and in other version, There are bug.This happened with me a lot.

What should you do?

Test your app through many android version especially new version.

Please ask the tester for device and version information. So you can test on that device or version.

How to ask the Envato reviewer team for those information as I don’t see any place for that?

You don’t need to ask they will review and send the response when submitted.if you wanna send them additional message about your project there is a field called message to reviewer while adding a project

They found out some bug in mine project but at my end everything is working fine. In that case what should i do?

Ask them for a screenshot of bug

From where can we personally ask them for that? Is it from the “message to reviewer” place?

Yes exactly