[Solved] And Co membership / premium subscription for elements users?

How can I access the AND CO (and.co) gold mambership for elements subscribers?

The link in the envato press release seems to be broken.

For others: I just read that And Co is now free, so there is no premium subscription any more.

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This question wasnt actually answered. On May 9, 2017 an announcement went out to Envato Elements subscribers that EE was partnering with AND CO. This was access to the entire service, including editable and savable contracts. I signed up using the partner link from EE on the day offered. Now, that partner login as well as any information about the AND CO relationship has disappeared. The link just circles back to the EE website.
The version of AND CO that was offered for EE subscribers is now NOT free. There is a free version but it does not allow editable contracts. I did not see an announcement about this. Do we still have access to our partner account? Does anyone know?

Hi @Flight1971! Envato’s partnership with AND CO ceased in January 2018 - they removed their “gold membership” option, and all functionality became available in their free product. At the time that meant that there was no disruption to accounts for any existing Elements subscribers.

I wasn’t aware that they have since added a new “pro” plan - however, we haven’t had or advertised any partnership with them since the beginning of last year.

Thank you for responding. It sounds as though Envato is becoming very busy as a formal announcement was not made about this. While I immediately signed up and had access to the full contract editing function, I no longer have access to the site or the contract editing/saving privilege. (because the partnership ended as you relayed) So the FREE version is not the same as the Envato partnership offered.
It would really be nice if Envato continues to notify their customers about important news, partnerships and features coming or going. I am a huge fan of Envato from the beginning.
Stay Gold…

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