[Solved] After Effects Noob & Bringing a Layer to Focus


I’m sorry, ever have that happen when you vocalize an issue and solve it? I tried another Google search with different keywords and the instant I saw a camera picture figured out it’s related to depth of field when “z” appears on the toggle in the center of the layer

Hi everyone. I love this project and so far, having very little experience with AE, the author has made the file very straight forward and easy to use. One thing I’m looking for help with is there are some sets where 2 or more photos are displayed, and one layer is closer to the viewer than the one the camera is focused on. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to change one of the layered photos to sit closer to the main photo in focus.

I hope I describe my issue so that someone out there understands what I mean :slight_smile: I’m doing this for our end of year wrap-up so I’ve asked the author, but i’m showing the video on Monday morning.

again, thanks.