Solution needed. Offering discount on various hard purchases in ecom based on # of lessons taken in LearnDash

I have LearnDash connected to Infusionsoft via Memberium. I would like to offer my members a discount coupon in my e-commerce store for physical items ( also connected to Infusionsoft) each time they complete a set number of lessons.

Details: Each time a member watches a video ( lesson ) they will get 1 point as a free member, 2 points as a paid member. Once they have 10 points (let’s call it one discount unit ) they are eligible for a 10% discount in my ecom store for physical, not digital products via a coupon code. They can accumulate " discount units" but only apply one unit at a time to a purchase. Once used, that unit would be removed from their " account / contact record “. In the first year, there will be approximately 75-100 " lessons” so a member could quickly accumulate 10 “discount units”.

I have had one very reputable firm look at this and they were able to develop a solution but it would not quite function as smoothly as I am hoping for. I already have PlusThis and the WooCommerce integration for LearnDash installed to help facilitate a solution. The Woocommerce / LearnDash integration is supposed to allow the use of discount coupons but the documentation is thin.

Does anyone have any suggestions that would handle this type of implementation?

Thank you very much for any help in this implementation. This is the last stage in getting my membership system fully functional.

Bradley McCAlister
The Studios of Bradley R.M.

There’re some WordPress themes but I’m not sure if you’d be able to find all of the features in one theme. You will probably need to hire some developer for some modifications.

In case of help, you can contact me and we can discuss the details