Solo Piano Submission

Hey guys and girls
Hows this sounding please? is it another one for the rejection folder?

Thank you
K x

Well, to be honest I think you should take care of the room. It seems to me that the piano is a little too washed in reverb. If you listen to most of the piano tracks that are “AJ standards” you’ll notice that they are much more dry, (more on your face). Concerning composition, as this piece is so minimalistic, I think you should stick to the initial 4/4 time signature instead of introducing a 2/4 bar around 0:28, and then changing the rest of piece to a 5/4 time signature. In my opinion this will not be a favourable change in terms of “commerciality” and consequently may be a reason for the reviewer to reject it.
But this is only my two cents. Good luck! :slight_smile:

It feels like a nice introduction which ends exactly when I expect the main theme to enter. As the introduction is an essential part of a tune I believe you are on the right track.
Thanks for sharing.