Solo Instrument uploads allowed?

Quick question:
are we allowed to post songs that are solo piano? i´ve read somewhere on the AJ page that solo instruments arent allowed anymore. But whenever I compose a piano track I feel like adding textures and soundscapes etc. ruins the track.

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Some popular one-instrument styles with high commercial value of composition/arrangement are accepted. Eg. piano solo tracks :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much ! Kind of sad though. I basically threw away a very cool creepy Halloween piano song because I just couldnt make it work with other Instruments :open_mouth:Next year then I guess -.-

Thankyou Soo Much.

Hi TPMusic,

I believe that solo polyphonic instruments are allowed by default.

Solo drums - yes
Solo classical guitar - yes
Solo piano - yes

Some solo monophonic instruments could be allowed too, like solo trumpet, for example. And there are monophonic instruments that aren’t allowed:

Solo triangle - no
Solo vuvuzela - no

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Sounds reasonable!