Sold an extended license and got almost nothing!

So I just sold an extended license that is supposed to be $1000 and I got like $100. How cool is that, huh? :frowning:

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Real bad, would like to see how envato member explain this

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EDIT: Sorry, this post was worded badly, I apologize.

That’s because of Envato’s fees to non-exclusive authors (55% of the item price) and US taxes (30% of the item price) as that sale came from the US.

Here you can find detailed explanation:

I was exclusive until I started to get $7.20 instead of $10 on my $20 item. So I decided to try my luck elsewhere. It’s just really hard, took quite some time to design and code my item, $10 was alright at first, I was motivated to create more templates to get to the next seller level but now I just want to quit :frowning:

If you are non exclusive at the time of sell, thn you will get what is it in thr system

Even without being exclusive, we should get for what we’ve worked so hard for. Got $120 out of $1000.

Our author fee to non-exclusive authors is 55% of the item price.

I know it’s not ideal. I wouldn’t be very happy to see a sale for $1000 for which I only got $120. There’s not that much which can be done though, now that Envato are in the US, as they have to charge the withholding tax.

But at the risk of pointing out the obvious… as a result of being disappointed at getting $260 for a such a sale, you made the decision to accept $120 for such a sale instead. And now that you’re disappointed about getting $120 for such a sale, you’re considering the option of accepting $0 for such a sale.

Seems counter-intuitive. Well, on the face of it anyway… I can understand why you went to non-exclusive to see if you could make more elsewhere. But leaving altogether? You wouldn’t have posted this thread at all, as there would have been no $120 in the first place.

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