Software Licenses

Hi all,

Please, can you advise the license requirements for my particular scenario?

I am creating an SAAS application and want to use a ThemeForest admin template. The software will be maintained, owned and run by myself, it is not a project for a client.

Obviously, by its nature, there will be multiple users logging into the same application, but will only be able to view their own data.

What would the license requirements be?

Many Thanks

If the admin template requires access and is not publicly accessible then you need to get an extended license.

Whether you are building this for your own business or for a customer is of no relevance in this case.

Thanks Typps,

So no matter how many companies sign up to my SASS application, I only require 1 extended license for the admin theme?

Many Thanks


Yup, extended license covers that particular usecase. You only require one extended license per product wherein your SAAS app is the product.