Software idea


Hello guys!

Those days I was thinking at a new software and I need your opinion if it worth the effort or not. So, I want to create a software used to design apps interfaces and even try them on different devices (like you test a website on Google Chrome on different devices). I know… Adobe just released XD, but I want to bring something new like: a version for tablets, a web version (with some features, more like a ‘try’), a “coding interface” (like CSS), and also FREE, but you can buy some stuff, idk. Now I’m just thinking if it worth all the effort. I have to create a great file and save space, a convertor for PSD and other things like that.

Please, don’t be rude. I want some kind comments. I know it’s very risky, because my efford can be 0, software total useless, underrated etc… But a thing keeps me up: there are some platforms for blogging and other stuff and they have more in common, so why not?



Hm, nothing yet? :unamused:


Hi Andrew!

If you ask me, it really depends on what youve got so far. You cant expect people to get excited by someone just starting off, who wants to compete with Adobe ?:slight_smile:

There is a fine example in the music world now - that guy who was initially creating Sibelius, and recently got the funds, time, and his old team, to create a new notation program by Steinberg. So, just think of all those resources, and experience, and all, and still beyond all the hype, its pretty clear that this new soft can`t satisfy all expectation, and achieve all goals on version 1.0

So my advice, think small, act step by step, and you`ll get there.

Best wishes!


Thanks a lot for your opinion.

Well, Adobe is a good-based company and you can’t really compete with them. But I knew that they competed with somebody with their InDesign. Finally, they reached to make their software better than competitor’s and a few years later the competitor came with a new version and took Invision with their software. I forgot their name… I’m still thinking about it and if it worth. I took a view after XD and honestly, I expected more. They have great features, but effects and things like that kills me honestly. I was like “OMG ADOBE FINALLY” then “Srsly… you could make it easier and INTUITIVE”.

Anyway, thanks a lot! I appreciate your opinion :smiley: