Softube vs UAD in 2020

I would love to know your opinion - are UAD worth the money in 2020? I spend entire 2020 on learning how to mix and now I need some good quality plugins.

I’ve just demoed Softube Tube Tech CL1B and Summit Audio Grand Channel and I’s totally a game changer for me, love it - it’s first time I really feel that compression plugisn works as theyshould. I assume UAD stuff sounds the same or even better (?).
What’s your opinion? :relaxed:

No doubt UAD is awesome, (I own and use UAD Apollo and UAD Cards). But I’m sure these days you can use any good plugin company to achieve the sound you are after.

Purchasing UAD probably only makes sense if you want DSP powered plugins, or like the interfaces. I have to say, its pretty nice to have that extra DSP power on hand for track heavy sessions. But not an essential certainly.

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