Soft rejects with same reason



I need your help. I got 4 soft rejections for my theme. It took 3 weeks to upload it and other 3~4 to read all the topics sent by reviewer and modify my theme very careful.


Reasons (for … every time and I get from him “the changes are not enough” but the theme has suffered so many updates in this time that it doesn’t even match the Photoshop concept I took before I began to code it.):

  1. VALIDATION. Here are the problems :slight_smile:
  4. SPACING AND ALIGNMENT: There are spacing and alignment issues in this item. Please make sure that all elements are aligned properly and spacing is consistent from section to section. Here are some articles with more information regarding negative space and proper spacing:,
  5. The structure and flow of your secondary pages requires considerable improvements (mainly surrounding the above mentioned issues). Please take some time to improve the page structure, hierarchy and spacing to those pages before resubmitting.

Please, throw your opinion because I’m tired of this shit and I’m going to upload for the last one my future update to this theme and leave TF. Long time ago, for a item feedback a topic received at least 10 replies.



With all due respect I see pretty much all the reviewer has mentioned and more.

There is a massive misconception that 404, email and coming soon files are easier to submit because they are smaller and less to them. In truth this is the complete opposite as it means that for a reviewer to judge premium value on a file with less components then there is zero room for error or issue.

  • Relevancy e.g. why have a particle option except to add another version? If it does not server a purpose do have it

  • On my screen the logo looks a deeper red than all the other pink/red text - think consistency

  • Subscribe form is very small and white text is hard to read (NEVER have shadows on text) - doe sit validate properly? I added my email as a test and it just sits saying ‘submitting’ and I have to refresh the whole page.

  • A little strange to have no footer

  • No social icons anywhere?

  • The concept is little bland and overdone. If you are going with a simple site their need to be a stand out feature somewhere.


Thanks! You covered some of the reasons with your opinions, but the rest? Like typography or validation? There are some other coming soon pages on TF, recently added (by recently i mean ~ last 3 months) which fail at responsivity or typography is wrong or other problems. They also have a particle system background not depending on theme style. And for this kind of page where every section fit the screen, you can’t really have a footer and you don’t have why. Imagine having the same footer on all pages. It’s wrong. Like having the side menu of facebook with your contacts on every page, even in settings where you should focus on functions and settings.

Anyway thanks and it was nice to reach this point, but I’m going to remove this template whatever happens. Due to review problem I’m not going to submit anything else to TF in the future, maybe till the problem is solved or who knows. I’ve got more from other website than averange users on TF (over 400$ per project).

Thanks again!