Soft rejects and need help

Hi, I got a soft reject of motion graphics items. The email from reviewer:

“The framing appears to be off on the images and videos. There is a black bar cross the top of everything”

But I dont see any black bar on my video. What does it mean framing off on video?

item preview link

You should post a preview of the item here so we can have a better idea of what the problem is.

here is preview

There is a black bar on the top of the video, how you can’t see the black bar, it’s very clear. Frame-off means is that the video is not on the center of the screen and that’s why the video has a black bar on the top

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actually, it is not black bar. It show transparent or alpha channel when i import on after effects. May be reviewer think it is black bar. However, I will fix it not keeping any alpha channel. Thank you

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