Soft rejections because of title and tags

Hey guys,

I noticed, that a lot of soft rejections happen in the last two or three months.
Mostly reasoned in demanded title changes and tags.
So, because I am not a native english speaker, can anyone tell me the reason for the naming rules?
The reviewer comented:
“You should always format your titles in Title Case, meaning you need to capitalize the first and last words, all principal words and any words longer than 3 letters.”

So my questions are:

  • What is the reason to capitalize the first and the last word in an item title, independent of grammar rules?
  • What is the reason to capitalize words with more than three letters, independent of grammar rules? Why more than three letters, instead of four or five or six?

Honestly, I cannot see any sense or advantage for the customer, following these rules. But maybe there’s a reasonable explanation for?

Same for item tags: It happens not to me yet, but I’ve heard about reviewers, who soft rejected items, because they think, that the chosen tags are not “correct”. Isn’t it the choice and resonsibility of the author, to set the tags he want? Why does a reviewer have to interfere here?

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Capitalize only the first word when it is just a sentence. But when it is about Title:
Capitalization of words in title can depend on the particular style of a writer, institution, or publication but there are some general rules to keep in mind:

  1. Always capitalize the first and last word of a title.
  2. Capitalize Nouns and Pronouns
  3. Capitalize Verbs and Helping Verbs
  4. Capitalize Adjectives and Adverbs

Do Not Capitalize conjunctions, articles and short prepositions:
Mostly 3 or less letters words are conjunctions (and, or, but, nor, yet, so, for), articles (a, an, the), and prepositions (in, at, on, of, to, into, about, with, over) which indicate relationships between other words in a sentence.

Your title is the first thing a potential buyer sees, so it’s important to be informative, concise and professional. So, envato has rues for the item title:
Format your title in Title Case - Capitalize the first and last words, all principal words and any words longer than 3 letters.

Item Information and Metadata Requirements