Soft Rejection

Everyone, I have got the soft rejected item. I need help please suggest to me what should I do?

Unfortunately, your submission is too similar to existing item(s) in our marketplace. Your upload must be a unique concept not based on any existing marketplace item.

I think we’ve reached a point of saturation. At this point, we’re only looking for unique variations of this design: for another one to be approved it would have to have a couple of unique touches and features that differentiate it from what’s already available and definitely be of higher quality.

You might consider improving your design with more unique features and graphics in order for it to stand out among other marketplace items. However, a unique design will be a key factor for approval.

I know it’s frustrating to be rejected citing uniqueness but recently, we’ve gotten a large number of template with the same overall features and presentation and we have to draw the line somewhere.

Demo link : Dashcub - Bootstrap5 Admin Template

Hi @codervent I received same message from envato. and it’s frustrating we give so much time to design + code and they reject in only one sec.