Soft Rejection


This is Codervent from ThemeForest. I have created an admin template but I got a soft rejection.

Here is the reviewer’s comment. Please help me, guys. I need suggestions. what should I do?

Again, this is deceiving - Screen Capture on 2021-01-27 at • Droplr Parts of your demo still appear unfinished/incomplete. There is expected functionality (such as internal pages, links or lightboxes, etc.) which your demo lacks. Buyers will expect this template to provide all features that may be implied. Please double check your item thoroughly prior to resubmitting. Finished, fully functional demos are required for the review process.

Product demo link :


I think the reviewer means there are not enough subpages in this template. For example you have a contact grid but no contact list, contacts datatable, contact details and profile variations. And this is only one example. You can take a look at my latest approved admin template to see how much variations are in there (though you absolutely dont need that much but that makes better sales). Beware also of the generic dashboard trap with only charts and widgets. Bring in some originality. Otherwise it looks good. Though I don’t like boxed stuff (chat, inbox etc…) as I prefer dedicated layouts. Anyway keep it up. Hope you’ll get this one approved.