Soft Rejection with same message

Hi there,

We just uploaded an item and it was soft rejected listing 4 points. We resolved all the 4 points and submitted it, but it was again soft rejected with. the same message only.

Some of the previously raised issues have not been addressed.
Please go back through your previous review(s) and ensure ALL raised issues have been addressed before resubmitting.

There is no single clue what point is not properly resolved. so we again made some improved and double checked everything and again submitted. But again we get the same message with another rejection.

Is there any better way to know what point they are highlighting or any other way to chat about rejection? rather than submitting an update?

Thank you.

What is the demo? What were the errors they flagged?

I think your previous 4 focused issues you didn’t resolve properly and the issues are still there. so the reviewer mentioned the same issues again. so, you should double check you have done all fixes then submit the update. Thanks

This was the email:

  1. Default install looks incomplete and styling is poor:

  2. Don’t load assets via CNDs:

  3. Outputting unescaped data is a potential XSS risk. You should only output data that you expect, or need.

For example, with Laravel and Blade, you can use this package: which allows you to pass an array of allowed HTML, thus creating a whitelist, preventing unexpected data from being output.

For more information on XSS:

  1. 404 could be better instead of default Laravel error page:

And here is the demo link:

Admin User: / 123456789

Thank you for your reply.

Sorry that’s above my technical skill set.

Perhaps @mgscoder or @baileyherbert are better placed to answer it

  1. it is about your frontend design. I can see you have made a little change in design.
    you home page you mentioned Departemnets as it has a dashboard then I think you should details about those departments. so, your demo is incomplete. if this one is for both frontend and backend then frontend should reflect the backend features.
    Also Dashboard loggedin not refelecting in frontend. there always login/register menu.
  2. I think this point you have fixed
  3. you should take care potential XSS attack in your coding. this point is about your coding.
  4. you should design a 404 page, I can see you have updated the default Laravel error page but if you like to get inspiration you can check envato market your item type product how they have done it.
    in your 404 page has a link to go back to previous page which link will take you to the frontpage but there shoowing you logout (login menu).
  • The design is pretty generic and can be downloaded anywhere on the internet
  • Don’t include cdn hosted assets by default, just provide a function to allow your customers change to cdn assets.
  • Security is always important when selling, keep that in mind.