Soft Rejection with ambiguous review comment. Need help.

Hello there, guys!

The topic is about a Mobile item upload - iOS (Swift).

I recently uploaded an iOS UI component - written in Swift - to Code Canyon, and it got soft rejected since it lacked an easy-to-understand documentation, which is understandable. So I made the necessary changes and resubmitted the package. After a couple of days, I get another soft rejection mail saying the following:

Hey there!
please add full source code.

But the item that I resubmitted had all the source files necessary to be included in a project. It had the quick start guide (with corrections) and a technical documentation. However, I find the above message ambiguous.

The item that I uploaded can be used by dragging and dropping the folder into an existing Xcode project, and configured with few lines of code to get started. It is not a full-blown Xcode project that can be opened by simply double-clicking. It can be dragged and dropped and we can start using the item. So I don’t exactly know what the reviewer was saying when he/she meant “the full source code”. It’s already there.

Is it really necessary for a Mobile item to be an Xcode project? I can add an example Xcode project that will run my item, if that’s what the reviewer wants.

I don’t want to assume things and would like to get clarified what is exactly needed from me when I resubmit the item again. Also, is there any way for me to contact the reviewer and ask for clarification? I don’t want my upload rights to be taken away due to multiple resubmissions.

What can be done in case the comments from the reviewers are not clear? Please help me with this.