[Soft Rejection] This is not a complete WordPress theme, we need more than just one page.

Hi all,

This is my first submission to Themeforest and my theme got soft rejected and I’m not sure why. The reason they gave is that it has to be more than a one page theme, which seems to be the only reason the theme didn’t get approved but I’ve found that there are around 200 themes that has been approved and are marketing as a one page theme. So what am I missing? Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreaciated. Thanks.

Live demo: http://ec2-52-55-175-223.compute-1.amazonaws.com/

My guess is that even one page themes need to implement pages such as 404, archives, support for every default widget and so on. Do the other themes marketing as “one page theme” have these things?

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Sorry for being rude but you are lucky that it is just a soft reject.

At least if this is a WordPress theme, beside the Onepage (aka Home page or page), you must show how the Blog Pages (posts), widget, menu, error etc… look like.
At least it can serve as a normal WordPress theme.

Your demo purely looks like a onepage HTML template, no more no less.
Show more design, info and useful section in your preview to get attraction from the potential buyers, take more visiting time at your page so they can decide to buy it.
Your page is quite simple and users just took less than 30 seconds to view it all and simple close and go.

A lot of more works need to be done.
Try your best & good luck!

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There has to be blog functionality.

Beyond that this is not the only reason this will be rejected. I think it is so raw that the reviewer has not provided feedback until there is more to it to make it feel finished.

With respect:

  • other one page themes have considerably more functionality, features and premium elements.

  • This one just feels like a single WP page without any kind of structural hierarchy.

  • It’s not responsive

  • there’s avoidable validation issues in the code

I appreciate that the concept may work in real life for a private project but in a stock market environment you have to demonstrate the right level of versatility, features and premium value that warrants someone paying for the item.

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Are you really sure this is a “Soft Rejected”? just curious :sweat_smile: