Soft Rejection still exist?

In the FAQ, there is an explanation of a Soft Rejection. Does that still exist?

A T20 photographer forgot to attach a model release and therefore had several photos rejected. But they were listed as a Hard Rejection. I was thinking something like that would be a Soft Rejection where the images were acceptable but they were just missing a model release. They were upset because the email said they couldn’t resubmit them. This is someone who has 1000s of high quality images and was a top seller on T20, so I am pretty sure the model release is the only issue.

Should he resubmit with a model release attached?
Is there still a Soft Rejection as explained in the FAQ??



If soft rejected, feedback about the item will be provided to you through an automated email and notes in your Author Dashboard. This means that your item is almost ready to go, however it still needs a few more changes before it can be published!

If you receive a soft rejection, you will be given the opportunity to correct your item and re-submit based on the notes from the Reviewer (as outlined in the email or comments in the Author Dashboard).

To resubmit your soft-rejected item:

  1. Login to your Envato Account.
  2. From the Author Dashboard, click the ‘Hidden Items’ tab.
  3. Open the item by clicking on the item title.
  4. Click Edit, then Submit to update.

The item is then reassessed and published if it meets the feedback criteria provided by the Quality team.


if it is too close to your article to approve it this means soft rejection.
For example:
a sentence for there you need (a comma) something like that.

Surely a cleaning touch up for something… I don’t see your photo or image
resubmit your article.

My question is about forgetting to attach a model release to a photo really being a reason for a hard rejection vs a soft rejection. I’m not sure what your response about a missing comma means.