Soft Rejection Question

Hi! I got a soft rejection because I did a mistake when I looped my video I skipped a frame without noticing so at the end it has a little black frame and the loop it’s interrupted.
I usually upload my items on the new upload page of Videohive.
Now I want to upload the new version of the clip and in the edit section says it has to be a zip file.
After I uploaded with FileZilla as a zip file it doesn’t appear in the Edit section of my clip.

Do you have any idea how to fix this?

Its Envato bug (long time). New file will never appear anywhere.

Better to remove and reupload with comments for reviewers.

To update an item, Use different server

Host :

Password : Same Token which you are using for Fresh Upload

User Id as same : MTzST (Case sensitive)

Rest of the FTP settings same,

Wait for maximum of 5 minutes, Your uploaded item will appear in Edit tab,

When you are updating a Preview through edit page, you should render with watermark in your preview (Motion Graphics and Stock Video Sections), Templates not required

Latest Water Mark is here :

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I did what you told me and it worked . Many thanks!

It works if you follow StrokeVorkz advice. I changed the token with a new one (make sure when you create a new token you check the first two squares) and the zip file uploaded with the FTP appeared.