Soft Rejection PSD Template


Resubmission Soft Rejection PSD Template

Spacing and alignment issues

Can anyone please help us to figure out the Hard Rejection Issues.


I have see your item jpg screenshot.
Keep your item every section top & bottom spacing same.
Increase this space like bootstrap

hope will helped!

Thank You


Just my personal opinion: Please check top 2 sections Creative Business and About Agency those are not correct allignment with another sections. You can make those full width as like top banner mean need proper use of spacing. Overall template Typographic need some improvements, please check this:



Your job is not so bad, but it needs to be improved.
Here are some of the errors that I noticed:

  • In this screenshot, are the following erros:
  1. I think the line-height in the title text, are more than required.
  2. The space are not the same, try to make it consistent, ~40px i think will be ok.
  3. In my opinion, the text links in the nav. menu, have low contrast, try to make it a little bit more readable
  • In this screenshot, are the following errors:
  1. Give some space here, I highly recommend using a bootstrap grid to better understand what I mean.
  2. Also use the bootstrap, if you will follow the grid, you will see that the space will be 24px.
  3. I think, the space from title to paragraph is more than required.
  4. The same problem, too much space.
  • In this screenshot, are the same errors like in the previous, and in point 4, align the button proper.
  • In this screenshot, the space from section to section are not the same, and this is not the only section who have this issue. Make consistent space between the sections.
  • Here are more space than required.

Try also to analyze new approved templates, and see how they doing aligning, and spacing. Good luck!


Thank you

Finally we have got approval. Please have a look here.

Lots of cordial love from my heart :slight_smile:

You did it! Congratulations! :slight_smile: