Soft rejection on Real Estate theme...seeking feedback

Hey Guys,

I just had one of my latest WordPress themes soft-rejected and here is the design:

I have the PSD and HTML5 versions approved and live on Themeforest and i have been getting nothing but great comments and feedback on the design from customers - so i am a little baffled that my WordPress version was rejected.

Here are the comments i got from the reviewer (who i believe doesn’t know much about design in general):

  1. Overall design usability is pretty low.
  2. Remove, reduce and alternate design animations.
  3. Distracting and not easy to use, sorry.
  4. Design lacks prioritization.

Anyways, i think the review is a complete joke but i’m looking for more opinions from the public now. Feel free to submit your feedback and comments on the design.


Animations are bad, remove them. Menu is not usable and the x sign is annoying when menu opens. Really not user friendly menu. Design is good.

Good job, I really like your website template.


I bet reviewer is emiluzelac :smiley: