Soft rejection, need help

Has soft rejection for the Halloween flyers with that remark:

“All text must be editable”.

I rechecked all the texts, did some changes and still had soft reject with the same purpose. This time reviewer said me that Titles in flyers still isn’t editable. I’ve double checked all the titles but it was fine for me - I can edit and change texts and fonts in all versions and so I can’t understand where the error is.

What I can do in this situation?
Work was done in .EPS and AI formats.

Thank you for every advice in advance.

If you save an EPS in Illustrator, make sure you close it and re open it again to see the changes in the EPS. Exporting to EPS in Illustrator sometimes makes text become a non-editable shape, if it’s got certain styles like gradients for example. But if you’ve checked all layers in all the files I don’t know what the problem is.

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Thank you for your advice!
Yes, I’ve checked all files after convertion, but who knows - it’s all really incomprehensible for me situation :frowning:
So I’ve reaploaded files today for a new review with slightly simplified design - my titles was with shadows on it so I deleted shadows (like you said - only thing that I can assume - it’s a styles went wrong somehow). Now waiting for reply from reviewers. Hope, that all will be OK :slight_smile:

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Finally, it was approved without shadows :slight_smile: Thank you again for your advices!

Here it is:
Halloween Flyer constructor

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Nice design, congrats!

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Thank you :slight_smile: