Soft rejection. Need Help Pls

I got a soft rejection twice because of the demo performance not up to the mark. I understand that I will need to improve but things seem to be very fast for me. I am aware that the page is content heavy. Please let me know how the demo loads for you.
Demo link :

These were the feedback that I got

First attempt

  1. Check your demo. Never finishes loading:

Second attempt

  1. Ok, retested and it finally loaded but took quite some time.

Please improve the demo performance.

This my recording in real-time it seems to load quickly:

It is on a good server also currently I have turned off any caching. Also, I have a 50Mbps connection.

Please help. How does it load for you?


Loads here, check your gtmetrix

12seconds is waaaaayyy too slow in current days. Aim for 3s or less

Thank you @crivion. But It’s having a lot of content. Total page size is around 6 MB + heavy youtube scripts. It was intentionally kept slower to show all the possible solutions by my plugin. Should I split the content? and have thumbnails.

I think Making separate pages for a set of features would be a solution

Thank you let me work on it.

You’re welcome - these are just my thoughts. Doesn’t guarantee that you’ll get approved.

Making separate pages for a set of features is definitely a great solution.