Soft Rejection | Need guidance and advise

Hi all,
I got my rejection twice and cannot figure it out what is the issue with the template.

Here is the comment from the second rejection:

THE CHANGES ARE NOT ENOUGH: Unfortunately, the changes are not enough and the previous review still stands. Please carefully check your item to make sure all problems were adequately addressed before resubmitting this item.

  1. We’re now requiring unique, non-generic names with at least 3 characters for all new submissions. Additionally, authors should not use names that are already in use in the Marketplace. Search and make sure that chosen name does not exist:
    Combination of keywords, Target-audience, categories, abbreviation and subjective word(s) are not allowed as item names. ( example: Magazine, XMagazine, MagazineX, etc.)
    Author can always use the title description to further describe the item and list the keywords as tags.
    However, unique, single or combinations of common words are allowed ( no keywords ). Commonly used non-English words are fine as well.

  2. SPACING AND ALIGNMENT: There are spacing and alignment issues in this item. Please make sure that all elements are aligned properly and spacing is consistent from section to section. Here are some articles with more information regarding negative space and proper spacing:,

  3. RESPONSIVE ISSUES: Your files are either inaccurately represented as responsive or have responsive layout issues. Please take a moment to make sure that your design layout looks correct at different breakpoints and that all text is scaled appropriately for smaller devices.

  4. DOCUMENTATION: Your documentation is either missing or insufficient. Please make sure you provide clear and concise documentation outlining installation, configuration and customization procedures for this item. For compatibility reasons, please provide documentation in either HTML or PDF format.

Please advise.


I have saw your item issue. Here is some of my opinion.
Issue One

  • You have to change your item name cause bexley is looking a brand you can search on google in that case you have to change your item name.

Issue Two

Issue Three

  • Check your item in smaller device for this Responsive Issue

Issue Four

  • You have to write sufficient information about your item in your item Documentation.

Hello unlockdesign,

Thanks for the quick response. I have gone through each issue. I have some comments for each response please review the same.

Earlier I have given Boxplot name which also got rejected. It does not belong to anybody on ThemeForest or other brands.

I have given scrollbar for each of the listings.

I have already checked for many devices, I could not find anything alarming. It would be great if you can give me one example from my template.

Do you have reference of documentation so that I can relate my template and get resolved this point.

Thank you so much for your effort and time. Really appreciate.