Soft Rejection - "Make sure all the images are removed from all the slides in the Presentation".

Hi, please I got soft rejection for my PowerPoint template and this was the message “Make sure all the images are removed from all the slides in the presentation.” My question is this - is png LOGO part of the image I should remove? I have it customized for the template. Though I had 2 designed images in the template which may be the reason for the soft rejection, but I have removed them. Also, how many soft rejections can lead to account suspension? Thanks

hi indeed, i am not sure , i suppose that the logo should not be part of the considered thing if u have created it by yourself and that this is not potentially vehiculating copyright issues, though, if u wanna make sure about it, u can take it out anyway as the logo is just for previewing matters and meant to be replaced by potential buyers. To answer your second question, no soft rejections are in no way associated with suspended accounts, if u end up messing with what u were asked, they will normally simply hard reject your item. Suspensions is what people are confronted with in case they repost hard rejected things without “bringing significant modifications” to the concerned items before reposting it

Thanks. The template was accepted. I didn’t remove the logo. What caused the soft rejection were the two designed images contained in the template. I removed them and resubmitted and the template was accepted.