Soft-Rejection - Live Preview

hi i got a soft rejection due to :
We require a demo without needing credentials
I provided reviewer the customer-based live preview which requires email(no verification needed , you can put any email and still gain access to demo) which is in screeshot for the reason of rejection
BUT i also provided the reviwer and with credentials to log into my own wordpress to check the plugin since the demo for customers was a bit limited it was not showing to Settings(nothing special there tho) due to permissions.
So , it is needed to not ask from customers emails?
Or envato reviewer cannot access ?


In the Item submit form there is a field for Live Preview where you have to enter your plugin front end URL (demo URL). Also in Comments for the reviewer field you have to provide plugin backend (wp-admin) login credentials to check the plugin settings and functionality. So that reviewer can check both frontend and backend.


yes i did exactly that.
on Demo URL(live preview field) i have the link with a page( with content:
button DEMO FRONT-END , opens in my case woocommerce product page
button DEMO BACK-END, asks for a email no necessery a valid one, u can input and sitll gain access in order to get into wp-admin, opens
button DOCUMENTATION, opens
this is for customers.

I provided the reviwer also with my backend from another site( with passwords and full access on the comment to reviewer

it’s not right. You have to give access for the same demo site. This access only for the reviewer. If your demo need 2 types of access like admin, customer then you have to provide both access credentials.

For customer checking you can add a user with correct role and can provide access in item description and front end. So that customer can check it before make a purchase of your plugin.

Still no solution you can share the screenshot/exact text what the reviewer mentioned.

You need to build something for auto login for your demo website or you need to include the login details just below the “login” buttons. The reviewer explained clearly what you need.

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I see, thank you both.

Thank you for reply in the inbox.
I fixed and edited the Live Preview according to your recommendation. you can have a look here
Any recommendations are welcomed :slight_smile:

Now much more better and your demo is much meaningful than previous. For better visualization make the text box width small, not the full width length. For the landing page you can use max-width: 760px; and margin: 30px 50px; Also add some cosmetics for the buttons.

Better approach will be make the bellow link as your live preview demo URL:

and add there wp-admin login credentials and docx info at the top of the page or in a sidebar.

If wp-admin not for all visitors mean only for the review team then you can provide wp-admin login credentials in the Comments for the reviewer field. Or you can adjust later if your item get approve.

Thank you so much . Unfortunately it was rejected. Is it normal after soft rejection with only reason that the preview should not ask for email?
This is weird… and my code followed the instructions of Plug-in Requirements which is posted on envanto blog.
Can I send a email and ask for the reason or they won’t reply ?
Update: I checked now and no one has even tested the plug-in or visited the demo which was the reason of soft rejection

In fact, it’s all weird. I have no idea why this is happening.

it mean the review team did not start the review. When you resubmit with the above fix then review team reviewed and I think got rejected because of not meet the Quality standard.

Don’t upset, it is common for all authors and try to make a better one with more commercial values.