Soft rejection - Installer Error

I recently submitted a crm application. The reviewer replied that they are getting an error on with the installer.

Its a Laravel App

I have built in plenty of error logging and handling, and would otherwise be a really simple fix (looking at the logs etc) …but unfortunately, cannot really tell much from the screenshot

Having tested the installer on multiple server configurations, I am unable to reproduce this error. Any help anyone?

Any idea anyone?

  • I have tested on both apache and nginx servers
  • I have dome cross-browser testing

I am still not able to reproduce this error

I finally tracked down the issue and so I will post here, incase it will help someone.

My blade templates have comments like (for large sections that I want to clearly see where they start and end)

<! --start of section–>
some HTML code here
<! --#/end of heder -->

Its turns out that if the nginx web server has server side includes enabled, it will try and parse the closing comment (with the #) as this is the syntax for server side includes