Soft Rejection How to solve it please help


my item is soft recected see bleow reason how to solve it

‘Advanced QR Code Generator - With Adsense’ isn’t quite ready for CodeCanyon. But don’t fret, we’d love to see you resubmit after making the changes outlined by the reviewer below. When you’re ready, you can upload your changes here.

Here is the comment from your Envato Quality team reviewer:

  1. STILL. Escape everything before output: ,

  2. Use protocol relative URLs:

  3. Don’t bundle multiple versions, use the latest:

  4. STILL. All JavaScript should be written with “use strict” mode on.

For example, you can do this with jQuery as follows:

(function($) {
“use strict”;
// Author code here

  1. STILL. Typos:

  2. STILL. Don’t load assets from CDNs:

Any screenshots provided are simply examples. There may be more issues that are similar. Ensure you check all files and fix all instances of each issue before resubmitting.


  1. use Data Sanitization/Escaping. to know more search in google you will get help link
  2. remove http: or https: just start url from //
  3. don’t use multiple versions of jquery instead use the latest version
  4. you have to add: “use strict”; you have gotten a clear example code for this
  5. you have spelling error. faield is a wrong spelling
  6. avoide to load assets from CDNs instead load from local directory

Hope now you clear all issues.


Thanku mgscoder i wiil try

with respect pleae study more and more before submit the next one. Also already hard rejected items withour a significant change not allowed.

as far I have check found you have done a small changes and uploaded again. you should make more changes with providing more premium features to put commercial values. Product Category, Subcategory, Branch, Barand etc are not settings options those are product features and should to include under the main menu product.

Also in php script coding, design flowchart keep major ranking to get approve.

So, study more on exist same features item on codecanyon to get idea what you should to do to get approve and attract the customer (commercial values).


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Thanku For Response You Are My Best Helper God Bless You

hello sir please check again i will fix setting category issue but again rejected

Can I Resubmit A Hard Rejected Item?

  • If your item has been Hard Rejected , you cannot re-submit the item.
  • Attempting to resubmit your rejected item(s) is considered an unacceptable use of Envato Market and may result in revoked upload rights .
  • You must create a brand new item and ensure it is entirely distinguishable from your rejected item.

Are you the Author of this App ?

Hello Goodafternoon please check it whats reason its rejected

pass:- 12345

please suggest me what i improve it thanks

please check it whats reason its rejected

pass:- 12345

please suggest me what i improve it thanks

I have not enough knowledgw about tiktok to give your item feedback. hope you will get feedback from expert fellow authors/community.

But it’s php script tiktok video downloader script any other author not replay me why

[CodeCanyon] Your item, SenSur - Business Corporate Agency Website CMS, has been rejected
again my php script rejected why please show me issue


password:- 12345

please check the issue