Soft Rejection Help Needed


I updated design of all elements listed below:

I got different soft rejection results after I fixing design issues. But, now I got design related soft rejection again. I don’t understand what to do again! Because, I changed them and I thought that was resolved.

Any helps appreciated!


Maybe your update was not enough as much as it could be! Try to learn more about typography, spacing and alignments. And yes, ask your reviewer for screenshots so that you can find out the exact issue, though they don’t provide any screenshot at all. It depends on your luck. :slight_smile:

Yes. I’ll modify screenshot sent sections. But, what do you think about “AppMe is not a unique theme name and it should be changed.”?

There’s only its HTML template in the same name and it’s belong to me.

Did you send the link of this item’s html version to the reviewer when you submitted the item for first time review? You must have to mention the html version’s link in the ‘Message to Reviewer’ field. Otherwise, they will decide it as a new theme and will think that there is a template is already published in their marketplace with the same name. Now, you should tell the reviewer that the HTML version of this item is yours. Hope, they will understand. Cheers. :slight_smile:


Thanks for your offer!

I wrote a message to the reviewer that its HTML version is mine and there isn’t another template/theme with same name. And, after solving other issues, my theme was approved.

Congratulations bro. :slight_smile: