Soft Rejection for Python Django LMS WebApp,

Hi, I uploaded a Fully Functional LMS system built with Django web Framework but it received a Soft rejection with the message
‘’ You item have a good potential, but we don’t have an official python category, please request this category in the forums."

python codester

So, I am kindly requesting for the Category for my product to move forward

You will need to Contact Author Support and let them know.

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@ki-themes Thank you

Hi guys.

@hillaryronoh11 if you don’t mind me asking. Do you have any progress on this?

I also am looking at selling Django projects here but my biggest concern has always been this case exactly where probably rejection happens for such reasons.

Perhaps I should also file a request, but I am not sure of whether any major outcome will come out of this. Please share your experience so far.

@sbonelonje i opened ticket with support, they replied that they are working on that, and were to get back to me sooner. But 2 weeks later, i am still waiting for their decision

It would be really nice to have Python category, Please update us if you got more responses