Soft-Rejection for Personal Blog. Some Help?

Hello everyone,

We just got “Soft Rejection” with next explantation: "I’m very sorry, but this theme is not ready to be included at ThemeForest. If you want to submit files that fall into this very popular and competitive category they not only have to be up to our standards, but really outperform any existing files.

Please consider taking some time to familiarize yourself with our current library and quality levels of popular items and resubmit once it’s ready."
Our site demo is here: and second one demo here:

I just can not figure out why they think this theme is not unique one (if they think that). I really think it is unique. Just take look at graphics etc.

Also, I have seen sentences like this one on fourm: “We do accept themes with similar structure but in condition it provides better quality in terms of aesthetic or features” - We think that Wudson is just that, similar structure (maybe even not and that), but better quality and unique features etc.

Any opinions? This is our first WordPress Theme at ThemeForest and we are really kind of disappointed. Hope you guys can help me with some instructions. I hope there is someone with similar experiences. Thanks in advance.


In my experience that message is Hard Reject text a NOT Soft Reject, but sometimes they make discretions. You don’t worry, your design is really unique and it’s a really good start for first template. So don’t panic, don’t rush and don’t give up, everything will be OK. Whenever you get that kind of message from reviewer mostly you should fix:

  1. Visual Hierarchy
  2. Typography
  3. Colors
  4. Spacing
  5. etc…

But here is what I think:

  1. Design is overloaded and need to be simplified. Remove some elements, Add some spaces and give more freedom. You have multiple hover effects, you may decrease them to 1 or 2 to be in one style.

  2. Logo is very poor and is not compatible with design. It should be leading the page.

  3. Preloader - give some transitions (fadeout/fadein), give some transparency.

  4. Visual Hierarchy is not preserved, really - you may google for that and look at some good examples and you may get the idea what should be fixed. Ex: Top Bar Menu is more noticeable than Main Menu.

  5. Typography - you are using 3 different fonts in and it’s not that good when you don’t have so much experience in website design, try to use 2 of them. You may remove “Dancing Script” font.

  6. Colors - Try not to use for ex: #000 use #111 or #222 instead. You may remove black background from Blog Post content on the main grid. Also you may remove border from social icons on the top bar. And also give some space to social icons on the main grid.

  7. Spacing - You may add some space between Subscription and Footer Instagram and you may change from 6 columns to 5 columns.

P.S. I can’t prove that my advices are 100% correct, it’s a just my experience and my opinions. So, hope I was clear and this will get you and idea how to start.

Good Luck, Duke

Hello Duke,

You are great! Many thanks for your answer! It really helps us to be positive after this kind of Soft-Rejection!

We will see what we can do with it. All in all, again thanks for really useful answer! All the best!

No problem, Cheers :wink:


It is good and seems soft-rejected. Work more on logo and spacing between main content area and sidebar. Use serif and sans serif (for example heading -> serif, content -> sans serif) You can work more about social media icons on promo post and header, make them more attractive.

Good luck

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Thanks for feedback, appreciate it! We have already sent email to them. Still waiting for feedback. Based on theirs feedback, we will see what we should do.

Thanks once again!

Hi Duke,

Here is what I got from TF:

"Unfortunately your submission Wudson - A Responsive WordPress Blog/Magazin Theme isn’t quite ready for ThemeForest. Here’s some feedback from our Review team on why it couldn’t be accepted.

  1. Here at Theme Forest we’re looking for unique designs, sorry to say this is not one of them because it looks too similar to what we already have on marketplace.

  2. At the same time, design quality is not up to par."

I am really confused. What I should do? P.S. It is Soft-Reject.