soft rejection for missing demo, then hard rejected, SO UNFAIR !

I submitted a WordPress plugin for CRM integration but it was soft rejected for missing a demo, and i provided a full demo to access the dashboard as you can see here

But the reviewer didn’t even register a new demo to test it, he just hard rejected it, so why ask for a demo then never use ? this is just unfair! they are not even doing their job to review the item.

This is fourth item i submitted all previous 3 has been hard rejected and this is the first one that was soft rejected as i put weeks of effort into it, can someone advice me please if i should just give up on trying to become an author here ? is there no one that monitors the reviewers and their behavior ?

Hi @WiserSteps, there is no plugin in your demo. I registered and it’s just the standard Wordpress dashboard.
One recommendation for you - research other similar items in the marketplace. All of them have a description/showcase page with all the features listed, etc. Yours is just a standard wordpress page, requesting registration. You can’t expect the user to guess what this item is all about, and if it will suit their needs. Same goes for the reviewers. It is impossible to review something, based only on the submitted item title and that is the reason for the rejection.

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Thank you for the reply.

I have all the features listed in the item description and in the demo link you will see a link for documentation, and in the demo created you will find there are 2 plugins installed contact form 7 and the CRM integration as you can see in the screenshot here, it should be straightforward for the reviewer if he even looked at the demo link

50% of the items like mine doesn’t have a demo on the marketplace and the rest has the exact demo as me where you put your email address and it redirects you to the dashboard to continue testing it but it’s an integration for a CRM so you have to register in the CRM and put an API key so i can’t prepare the demo to run automatically like any other demo.

@WiserSteps Yes, you are right here, but the main point stands - there is no proper description/showcase/features list or use case scenarios so that the users can make an informed decision whether this product is for them or not, which in turn renders the product “unsellable” in my eyes.
I see that other similar items include the features in their sales page - if it’s an integration module, then its at least explained what this integration does. Here we have to guess what is Streak, what their API does, etc, why do we need an integration with contact form 7 and so on.

In other words, to fix the situation - when you submit to the reviewers, make sure along with the proper naming, title, features, of your item, you include a description or a landing page with these features, and not just a straight WP dashboard link.
Some items don’t even have a demo, you are right, but again they have proper description of what the product does.

Don’t be discouraged by that, keep pushing and follow the Envato guidelines, be careful when you submit and I am sure that the hard work will pay off.

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