Soft Rejection due to js and css not loading in review process

I have been doing code since 7 years and first time i stuck with css and js not loading
It’s sounds like a beginner mistake :wink: which i don’t do
Soft reject

  1. Sorry, but this is the same as your previous item. Assets not loading:
    I wonder all things are working in demo localhost and server also but what’s the problem i didn’t find
    Any help will be appreciated
    @baileyherbert @unlockdesign and many more authors please look into this matter.

I’m not sure about your issue why comes up! but they are talking about resource loading failed.
It would be better to check with your item demo.

Check if the item loads the files on an IP website and/or subfolder. If you’re using to get some PHP codes to get the server URL, this could be reason. Also, make sure the ZIP file contains all of the files

I also don’t understand what’s going through on reviewer testing operating system
1st project - approved
2nd project- approved
3rd project - approved
Now starting
4th project - 8 times soft reject due to same issue and after that hard reject , i also put that project on hold to view after some months because nothing understandable and stucked why css, js not loading
5th project - approved ( same design same css same js different functionality )
6th project - Soft reject due to again css and js issue
At the point of nowhere i am :confused:

I wouldn’t mind to take a look at the project if you PM the download URL

Hello Please look again
May be this is the issue i am not sure but i suspect

I told earlier it works on localhost and webserver fine but not working in testing environment of reviewer, I got one point and that it is, I forgot in index file

< !DOCTYPE html>
< html>

& i am closing at last < /html>

It’s not the problem but you can try

Would it be possible for you to share the demo link?

Thanks to all of you giving your valuable comments here for me
Item is approved now
But i learned a lesson if not using < !DOCTYPE html> then website is going into Quirk Mode rather than standard mode and if reviewer system is Mac OS you are in dark , which i am going through :slight_smile: :wink:

Thanks to all