Soft Rejection due to demo url not accessible


My theme got soft rejected due to the reviewer cannot access the demo url. He also send me the screenshot of the error.

But the website is working for me, I’ve never got such error. So can you guys tell me whether you can access this url or not?

Thank you
VMS Designs

It keeps loading almost forever and then can’t be reach.

Works for me, but page loaded after +10s

Thank you for your time. Can you also check this link?

Thank you for your reply. Yes, I have some gifs on it, which needs to be optimized. That’s probably causing it.

It works for me, but please optimize or change your strategy with these huge gifs… if the reviewers are not patient to wait them how can you expect your customers to download them… ~20MB for a web page I think is huge

Works Smooth For Me :slight_smile:
Also theme is nice :slight_smile:


When the reviewer tried to access your site, the DNS server for your domain was probably down, since both of your nameservers point to the same IP.

This error doesn’t have anything to do with the content of the page (like the gif’s you are talking about).

Just resubmit it.

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You might want to fix the landing page in mobile also

Yes, thank you. I removed the gifs.

Thank you. I was in process of doing that.