Soft rejection - dont use @import

Can you please help me with this soft rejection reason.

Don’t use @import, it prevents parallel downloads:

I am using @import in my souce scss files but once compiled, the css files does not have @import

scss file

@import ‘variables’;
@import ‘menu’;

Also, is it a requirement to have the source scss file in the zip file or just the compiled css?

@import makes all variables, mixins, and functions globally accessible. This makes it very difficult for people (or tools) to tell where anything is defined.

In addition, the reviewer may though that it’s basic css@import feature that’s not allowed within the file. One of these reason could be the problem

Thanks for the reply.

I am not really sure what you mean. Are you saying even if you have a very complex theme, you should not structure your scss and just have one great big scss file? Is that not even more confusing for the end user (who maybe just wants to change the menu, or the forms)

is it not better to have?

@import ‘variables’;
@import ‘buttons’;
@import ‘forms’;

any help please

Just merge the files

are you talking about the source scss files or the compiled css file

I only have @import in the scss files and NOT in the compiled css file

You can just provide the complied CSS in the package. Leave out the SCSS files, it’s not necessary to include source files. I guess the reviewing process mistook the @import in SCSS file for CSS. So, just remove the source files and resubmit.