Soft-Rejection because "Comments need to display by default".

Hi , My theme is soft-rejected because “Comments need to display by default” ,

The thing is , “Allow comments” option is disabled.

I tried to explain to the reviewer that “Allow comments” option should be checked in that specific post in order to display the comments , With no luck .

Is there any way around it ? I think modifying the core filters / actions is not allowed .

Thanks in advance .

Hi there,

As I understand you have this option and you can allow comments in any post. But this is a custom post type or standard post? Where you’ve disabled comments by default?

In single.php your comments call should look like this:

if( comments_open() )

Any additional option checks are not needed.

Hi , I use the default “comments_open” function to make sure the comments section is enabled in that post / page … But the reviewer is asking me to display the comments section even if “allow comments” option is not checked


Hi , That’s exactly what I’m doing … I use this function to make sure comments section is allowed under “Discussion” tab .

But the reviewer is asking me to display the comments section even if comments are disabled for a specific post / page .

Thanks .

I think that the reviewer meant that you need to display comments even they are closed but at least you have one comment. I.e.

if ( comments_open() || get_comments_number() ) {

Or you didn’t understand his point of view.

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Yes I think that’s what he meant … Thanks for your help , Highly appreciated :slight_smile:

You’re welcome! Good luck!