Soft Rejected WordPress Theme. Need Help

  1. Again. Content should not be visible before reveal animations are triggered: Screen Capture on 2021-03-25 at 12-10-53.mp4 • Droplr

Live Link : Tanda – IT Solutions – Just another WordPress site

Can anyone help me please. I can’t understand what reviewer is trying to say

Thanks in Advance


As you can see in the video, when the page is loaded, your content is visible and then your script starts to work. Script starts to hide your content and then reveal it.

That shouldn’t be like this. It happens because browsers render your CSS before JavaScript.

Thanks for your help, Then If i set pre-loader then it will work perfectly right ?

Hi @WordpressRiver ,

Reviewer mean in your home banner you have made animation but those are all in one frame. In very short all animation elements are showing at a time where you should to display each elements framewise mean after finish one element animation another one element animation will start. Should not start all frame at a time.

If you need more clear explain then:

  1. image is a frame
  2. Optimize IT Systems text is a frame
  3. Creating a better IT solutions is a frame
  4. text is a frame
  5. Button is a frame

You should not start animate all frame at a single time.

Hope now you clear.


@mgscoder I think that is not the problem, check this new theme link :

he has a pre-loader and then all frames at a same time appears with animation but in my theme first all frames appear and then the animation starts to work and again content is hidden and then revelling, this is think the reviewer mentioned “Content should not be visible before reveal animations are triggered”. Correct me if wrong

Thanks for your reply

There are bunch of methods how to do it.
As you said you can use page preloader.
Or you can set your elements opacity 0 by CSS, so when page loads your elements will be hidden and your script will start work and change state opacity zero to one.

Does it make sense?

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@MaitreArt Thank you, let me try

@MaitreArt 1. Once again. Content should not be visible before reveal animations are triggered: Screen Capture on 2021-03-31 at 09-05-10.mp4 • Droplr and more.

After adding pre-loader also reviewer saying same point.

You should look with high attention,
Don’t you see the blinking? Look at the reviewer’s cursor.
The button and some content still displays and then your script starts to hide and then appear.

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