Soft rejected with no idea what to do

My LayersWp theme was soft rejected by themeforest. Below is the message I received;

“I’m very sorry, but this theme is not ready to be included in the WordPress category at ThemeForest. The design needs significant improvements and additional attention to detail to reach a point where we can provide more specific feedback. Please consider taking some time to familiarize yourself with our current library and quality levels of popular items and resubmit once it’s ready.”

This is my theme url -

Honestly I am not a great designer (I know it now) so I have no clue as what design improvements this item need. This is the first time I am ever this close to getting an item approved, so please give me some tips to improve it.


It’s not that bad but that is a very competitive category and your file needs more to it to make it stand out and compete.

Right now some of the typography needs work esp the section titles and to lose the wavy section edges but crucially if you look at other restaurant themes for sale you will see that they have numerous pages, features etc. Yours is not all bad it is just a bit basic and does not offer enough to make it premium

I really thank you for taking your time to look into this.

If you don’t mind could you please shed a little more light into the typography mistakes, honestly I don’t clearly understand typography (learned to design myself.) most of the online resources I referred talks about using a scale for fonts and titles like h1/h2=h2/h3=h3/h4, but I see that most themeforest themes are not done that way. While I understand it also includes a lot more I just want to make sure whether you are referring to a ‘typographic scale’ or not.

I know it may not be practical for you to go about this in detail just one or two tips would be great.

PS: will definitely add more features.


With the best respect in the world - without more to it and some work on modernizing the design (right now it feels like it could be any type of theme for any topic which has just been populated with restaurant copy and image) then you run the risk of the them appearing like a ‘free-mium’ one.

Whats your connection to where this theme is sold elsewhere?


The Pacifico fonts ( I get it matches the logo) does not really do you any favors - it looks a little messy/amateur

there is not a lot of hierarchy in the type - think about mixing up the font styles (within reason!) where relevant to make different aspects stand out.

Definitely lose the frilly edges at the top of sections

Logo strapline is very hard to read

Footer could do with more e.g. widgets

The blog layout is unique but you need again to consider typography (preview copy and read more just the same with different color), the date does not really stand out and you need to consider, category titles, author name, tags etc

You need to demo different post types e.g. image, quite, recipe, video etc.
The blog post sidebar is messed up in FireFox and you need to maybe do more with the widgets e.g. reservation, recipes etc.


Thank you, that was very helpful, I will definitely work on the points you mentioned. :+1:

"Whats your connection to where this theme is sold elsewhere?"
I sell my themes on mojo and layero, luckily mojo doesn’t weigh the design aspects too much. Layero is my own platform for sale.


Fair enough - I just noticed you are not exclusive here.

The standard is higher here than most but on the up side it means that if you get it right for here then it will also make them stand out elsewhere